The Brunswick legend – Gene Chandler

“There was a time, Nothing can stop me, I can take care of myself, and she’s such a pretty thing” alone make this man a legend !
Shame all that brunswick records want to have available are 3 others that a not even half as good.
Gene Chandler would rightly be considered a legend if his only record was 1962’s Pop and R&B chart-topper “Duke Of Earl,”
a classic that’s adored equally by fans of R&B, rock ‘n roll and doo-wop, but that was just the start of an illustrious
career that featured hit singles throughout the two decades that followed. During his 3-album stint with Brunswick Records, which lasted from 1967 to 1969, Chandler racked up seven Top 40 R&B singles, including the Top 5 R&B smash “Nothing Can Stop Me” (which was also a Top 20 Pop single), “The Girl Don’t Care” and the Barbara Acklin duet “From The Teacher To The Preacher,” the latter two breaking into the R&B Top 20. His tenure with Brunswick may have been brief but he made a huge impact during that time, making it one of the most revered periods of his career.

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