NORTHERN SOUL GIRL – LEVANNA MCLEAN, the new face of Northern Soul, talks

Its actually a good interview


Northern Soul? That’s for old folks, isn’t it? Well, not any more – and certainly not if 18-year-old LEVANNA MCLEAN has anything to do with it. She’s young, bright, pretty and talented and there’s nothing she likes doing more than moving around on the dance floor with spins and kicks to a pounding ’60s soul groove. “There are so many young people into it now,” declares the enthusiastic Bristol-based student-turned-dancer-and-DJ whose videos depicting her dancing in various locations to Northern Soul tracks has achieved a phenomenal 1.5 million YouTube hits. “I’ve got loads of young friends who are into it,” she reveals. “People don’t think of it as young people’s music but there’s a whole new generation on the scene at the moment.”



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