Northern Soul fans bid more than £11,000 for ‘holy grail’ Darrell Banks record

Bids have reached more than £11,000 for a Northern Soul record so rare that no-one has seen or played it before.

The 7-inch vinyl of “Open The Door To Your Heart” by Darrell Banks is believed to be the only copy in circulation, leading music fans to call it “the find of a lifetime”.

It was previously assumed that all original versions pressed by London Records had been destroyed after EMI won the rights to release the song in 1966.

John Manship, who is selling the vinyl on his RareSoulMan website, describes it as the “holy grail” and “easily the most exciting record [he has] been in the presence of” in his 48-year career.

“The high I’m on is an intoxicating mix of disbelief and awe,” he wrote. “No, this is not an apparition, the Darrell Banks stock copy really does exist. Yes, it really, really does.”

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