Northern Soul: 40 years of the sound of Wigan Casino

Britain’s Northern Soul music scene exploded with the first “all-nighter” at the Wigan Casino nightclub in September 1973. The Culture Show’s Paul Mason, once a regular on the dancefloor, recalls the sound that defined his youth:

Looking back on Northern Soul, 40 years on from the first all-nighter at Wigan Casino, one thing stands out.

It may have blazed a trail to the all-night dance club scene we have today, but it was also the first youth subculture focused on the past.

Though the scene was biggest in the mid to late 70s, it was driven by obscure tracks from the heyday of American soul between 1965 and 1971.




Compared to funk and disco it was already “old” even then.

I’ve been wondering what made me, as a kid, abandon pop, rock and disco and spend every penny I had on deleted seven-inch vinyl tracks – which few people in America had ever heard of.


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