Going Back – Memories of a soul boy by Brian Waterhouse

This looks like a good read




This is the LAST PRINT RUN for foreseeable future…I am now down to the last 40 and just thinking the book would make an ideal present for Christmas.
The book is self-published and I only sell on a few soul sites every few months – you can’t get the book anywhere else at present…unless a nice publisher comes along….any takers??
It is a book I wrote in 1993 which may just make it the first???. – It’s all about my time on the Northern Soul Scene in the 70’s- All the things we got up to, personal stories that weave through an era on the scene.
Not just about Records and factual information, there are better books out there for that stuff. But if you were on the scene in the 70’s you will relate to this book. If you would like to know what it was like for a lad on the Northern soul scene then it will take you back there. Hopefully it will make you laugh and evoke other emotions x
I only press 100 at a time so they are not on the market as such. This means you will have one of the originals….and these are the last ones for now….

They are priced at £13.00 (self-published) – plus £2.00 p&p UK if paying by cheque. – Please inbox me if you live abroad or in Ireland – Please send cheque payable to Brian Waterhouse 26 Riverlea Gardens Clitheroe Lancs. BB71QQ – DON’T FORGET YOUR ADDRESS …
If you wish to pay by paypal – please send as a FRIEND and let me know as Paypay don’t send me alerts– bwaterhouse@tiscali.co.uk is the address you need for paypal transaction… If you would like a copy or are interested… – please get in touch.
Brian x

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