Fuzzy Haskins ‎- 1976 – A Whole Nother Thang

22 Aug Fuzzy Haskins ‎- 1976 – A Whole Nother Thang

A Whole Nother Thang is the 1976 debut album by Parliament-Funkadelic vocalist Fuzzy Haskins ‎. The album was released by Westbound Records and features heavy participation from various P-Funk musicians. The album features the track “Cookie Jar“, which was later recorded by the P-Funk spin off act Parlet as well as Prince. It is the first P-Funk spin off album not to be produced by George Clinton.

His voice is as distinctive in its own way as Clinton’s odd tones, with sort of a huskiness to it. It almost sounds like he was half-singing, and half growling. While this worked well in a five- man vocal group, the limitations of his voice become apparent after listening to several of his songs. On this album, he was rather experimental, mixing in pure rock, an instrumental, some mild psychedelia, dance songs, and straightforward funk. The presence of Cordell ‘Boogie’ Mosson adds a lot to the proceedings, as does Bootsy Collins. Bernie Worrell also anchors all of the songs the way he did with Parliament. So the end result is a group of songs that aren’t as commercial (in their own way) as Parliament’s, and not as experimental and wild as Funkadelic’s.

The album is a must-have for any serious P.Funk fan. 

A1 Tangerine Green 4:17
A2 Cookie Jar 4:44
A3 Mr. Junk Man 3:48
A4 I Can See Myself In You 3:32
A5 The Fuz & Da Boog 3:27
B1 Which Way Do I Disco 4:09
B2 Love’s Now Is Forever 4:17
B3 Sometimes I Rock & Roll 4:14
B4 I’ll Be Loving You 5:45

By Derek Anderson

Despite the success of Mothership Connection, Fuzzy Haskins was growing frustrated that his songs were no longer featuring on albums by Funkadelic and Parliament. He also watched as Bootsy Collins, a relative newcomer to the Funkadelic and Parliament family,  embarked upon a solo career. This added to Fuzzy Haskins’ frustration. 

Fuzzy Haskins and George Clinton went back a long way together. He had joined George Clinton in The Parliaments in 1960, fifteen years ago. Since then, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas and Fuzzy Haskins had shared good times and had bad with George Clinton. Maybe though, Fuzzy Haskins had to think about the future. So he decided to record a solo album during the time Funkadelic and Parliament weren’t recording or touring.

For his debut solo album A Whole Nother Thang, Fuzzy Haskins wrote eight of the nine songs. He also wrote Fuz and da Boog with Funkadelic and Parliament bassist Cordell Mosson. He was one of the members of the Funkadelic and Parliament family who joined Fuzzy Haskins when he recorded A Whole Nother Thang.

Recording took place at three studios in Detroit, Artie Fields Studios, Pac Three Studios and United Sound Studios. Joining Fuzzy Haskins was rhythm section that featured drummers Tiki Fulwood; bassist Bootsy Collins and Cordell Mosson who also played drums; and guitarists Donald Austin and Ron Bykowski. Keyboardist Bernie Worrell also arranged strings and horns. Fuzzy Haskins played drums, added the lead vocals and produced A Whole Nother Thang. It was released in the first half of 1976.

When A Whole Nother Thang was released in 1976, it was released to critical acclaim. That was no surprise, as it featured some of the backlog of songs that had built up over the last few years. At last, Fuzzy Haskins got the opportunity to showcase these songs when he entered the studio with creme de la creme of P-Funk. The result was album that oozed quality. Despite the quality of music on A Whole Nother Thang, the album didn’t sell in vast quantities, and didn’t find the audience it deserved.

Forty-one years later, and seven of the nine tracks feature on Got My Thang Together: The Westbound Years. This includes Mr Junk Man, Which Way Do I Disco, Sometimes I Rock And Roll, I Can See Myself In You, the much-sampled instrumental The Fuz And Da Boog. However, the standout track on A Whole Nother Thang was I’ll Be Loving You, a beautiful soul-rock ballad. It showcases another side of Fuzzy Haskins, who was a versatile and talented singer and songwriter.

After the release of A Whole Nother Thang, Fuzzy Haskins returned to the Parliament and Funkadelic family. He had to rejoin the P-Funk Live Earth Tour in late 1976. By then, Parliament and Funkadelic had both been busy. 

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