CHUBBY TAVARES 2018 Interview

CHUBBY TAVARES 2018 Interview

As one of the founding members of the global family supergroup that bears his last name, Chubby Tavares’ distinctive voice has been heard literally by millions of music lovers the world over. He began recording solo projects a few years back at the same time, continuing constant performances with his brothers. Chubby’s great third album marks a reunion with award-winning producer/songwriter Preston Glass and work with up-and-coming LA producer Brandon Wattz as well as with UK hitmaker Nigel Lowis. Released through SoulMusic Records in association with Platinum Garage Records, “Amazing Ride” includes a wonderful duet with Pattie Brooks as well as remake of the Charlie Chaplin standard, “Smile” which has gained popularity among UK soul music listeners…

Phone interview with David Nathan conducted June 14


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