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Famous Northern Soul Venues – Blackpool Mecca – Highland Room

The Blackpool Mecca was a large entertainment venue on Central Drive in the seaside town of Blackpool, Lancashire, in North West England, first opened in 1965. In the 1970s, it was particularly known for The Highland Room, which was a major Northern Soul music venue. The building was closed down in 1980s and was finally demolished in January 2009 to… Read more →


  Another interesting article from the depth of the internet, it will drive you crazy reading the playlists….. blame Colin Curtis for that not me By Colin Curtis published on Recently a few enthusiasts of this era have contributed to a thread about the playlists and music that were part of the seventies era at Blackpool Mecca.It has produced… Read more →

The Catacombs

This is an interesting article I found in a corner of the web for you ! Right On! The Cats (21st. October 1968 – 13th/14th. July 1974) If you went to the soul nights at the Catacombs club like myself you may have fond memories of a sweaty dance floor, people passionately clapping on the beat and spinning on the… Read more →
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