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Recently a few enthusiasts of this era have contributed to a thread about the playlists and music that were part of the seventies era at Blackpool Mecca.It has produced some very interesting results and memories from this period.Even though I was involved for many of these years it it remarkable what you forget as an individual as you get older.By the the same token other peoples memories can trigger latent tunes and episodes that you can then recall and share again.This period for me was a very exciting time because of the sheer explosion of music coming from all direction on 7″ singles,LP’s and 12″.As has been well documented the majority of 60’s soul played through this period by myself and Ian Levine was accumulated from Ian’s own vast collection fuelled by his families holidays in Miami and later New York and of course John Anderson at Soul Bowl.The legacy of these two people was and still continues to be critical in the development of Northern & Modern Soul in UK clubs.Because this is a mammoth periiod and task to create anything close to a definitive article and listing on this subject I nwould ask you to e-mail me on if you have any corrections,opinions,listings,memories,questions or criticisms on this subject.I will try to get back to you all individually as well as add any relevant information to this article.Pictures would also be welcome as well as memories of those heady days and alldayers at Manchester Ritz,Nottingham Palais,Birmingham Locarno,Tiffanys Newcastle,Halesowen Tiffanys,Darwen Tiffanys, Sale Mecca,Coalville Tiffanys etc
I would like to thank everyone for their contributions,current and in advance.
Here is a listing following some painstaking work done by Dave K otherwise known as Mel Bratt on Soul Source a Mecca stalwart back in the day.
Feb-Aug.1974 (sample playlist only, see above notes)
CARSTAIRS – “It Really Hurts Me Girl” (RED COACH) p.Feb.1974 (1973 release – promo only) DETROIT EXECUTIVES – “Cool Off” (PAMELINE) p.April 1974 EULA COOPER – “Let Our Love Grow Higher” (SUPER SOUND) p.April 1974 recent release(1974?)* MONTCLAIRS – “Hung Up On Your Love” (PAULA) p.July 1974 (1973 release) TOWANDA BARNES – “You Don’t Mean It” (A&M) p.July 1974 DON VARNER – “Tearstained Face” (QUINVY) p.July 1974 GUYS FROM UNCLE – “The Spy” (SWAN) p.July 1974 ROCK CANDY – “Alone With No Love” (DONTEE) p.July 174 GEORGE BLACKWELL – “Can’t Lose My Head” (SMOKE) p.July 1974 JOHNNY HOWARD – “The Chase Is On” (BASHIE) p.July 74 (revived from 1973) T.D. VALENTINE – “Love Trap” (EPIC) p.July/Aug.1974 SHAINE MARTIN – “I Need You” (EPIC) p.Aug.1974 MADELINE WILSON – “Dial ‘L’ For Lonely” (SAMAR) Date? OTIS BLACKWELL – “It’s All Over Me” (EPIC) Date? Sept.-Dec.1974 LIFE – “Tell Me Why” (REPRISE) p.Sept.1974 MIKE & IKE – “Sax On The Tracks” (ARCTIC) p.Sept.1974 ANN SEXTON – “You’ve Been Gone Too Long” (SEVENTY-SEVEN) p.Oct.1974 ELOISE LAWS – “Love Factory” (MUSIC MERCHANT) p.Oct.1974 BOBY FRANKLIN – “The Ladies Choice” (FEE) Oct.1974 SNOOPY DEAN – “Shake n’ Bump” (BLUE CANDLE) p.Nov.1974 New release* YVONNE BAKER – “You Didn’t Say A Word” (PARKWAY) p.Nov.1974 CAPRIS – “How To Make A Sad Man Glad” (SOUND) p.Nov.1974 TEMPREES – “At Last” (WE PRODUCE) p.Nov.1974 G.DAVIS & R.TYLER – “Hold On, Help Is On The Way” (PARLO) p.Nov.1974 FANTASTIC JOHNNY C. – “Don’t Depend On Me” (PHIL LA of SOUL) Nov.1974 New release* MAJOR HARRIS – “Call Me Tomorrow” (OKEH) re-activated oldie* UNIVERSAL MIND – “Something Fishy Going On” (RED COACH) p.Nov.1974 New release* MANDRILL – “Never Die” (POLYDOR) p.Nov.1974 1973 release* KEANYA COLLINS – (Barnabus Collins) Love Bandit” (KEANYA) p.Nov.1974 SISTER SLEDGE – “Love Don’t Go Through No Changes On Me” (ATCO) p.Nov.1974 New release* MIGHTY JOE DRAKE – “Try Try Try” (KAPP) p.Nov.1974 COALITIONS – “I Don’t Mind Doin’ It” (PHIL LA of SOUL) p.Nov.1974 New release* JOHNNY ROSS & SOUL EXPLOSIONS – “I Can’t Help Myself” (CHIRRUP) p.Nov.1974 KING SPORTY – “Music Maker” (TASHAMBA) p.Nov.1974 New release* GYPSIES – “It’s A Woman’s World” (OLDE TOWN) p.Nov.1974 JOHNNY BRAGG – “They’re Talking About Me” (ELBEJAY) p.Nov.1974 MARC COPAGE – “Who Can I Turn To (Questions And Answers)” (AVCO) Nov.1974 New release* CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR – “Streakin” (RCA) p.Nov.1974 New release* PAT POWDRILL – “Together Forever” (DOWNEY) p.Nov.1974 NATURAL FOUR – “The Devil Made Me Do It” (CADET) p.Nov.1974 New release* BILLY PROPHET – “What Can I Do” (SUE) p.Nov.1974 PERCEPTION STRINGS ORCH. – “Bet You If You Ask Around” (PERCEPTION) p.Nov.1974 New release* Jan-C.March 1975 LITTLE RICHIE – “Just Another Heartache” (SOUND STAGE 7) p.Jan.1975 GIL SCOTT HERON & BRIAN JACKSON – “The Bottle” (STRATA-EAST LP) p.Jan.1975 Recent release* HAROLD MELVIN & BLUENOTES – “Get Out” (LANDA) p.Jan 1975 MARVIN HOLMES & JUSTICE – “You Better Keep Her” (BROWN DOOR) p.Jan.1975 New release* PATTI AUSTIN – “Didn’t Say A Word” (COLUMBIA) p.Jan.1975 – 1972 release KEANYA COLLINS – “I’ll Get Over It” (BLUE ROCK) p.Jan.1975 SHONA STRINGFIELD – “I Need A Rest” (RIALTO) p.Jan.1975 BETTY WRIGHT – “Where Is The Love”/”Love Don’t Grow On A Love Tree” (ALSTON LP) p.Jan.1975 BILL BRANDON & LORRAINE JOHNSON – “Let Me Be Your Full Time Groover” (MOONSONG) p.Jan.1975? EMBERS – “Watch Out Girl” (MGM) p.Jan.1975 MALIBUS – “Gee Baby I Love You” (SURE SHOT) p.Jan.1975 PAUL HUMPHREY – “Cochise” (ABC LP) p.Jan. 1975 RONNIE WALKER – “You’ve Got To Try Harder” (EVENT) p.Jan.1975 New release* JACKIE PAYNE – “No Puppy Love” (JETSTREAM) p.Jan.1975 LARRY SAUNDERS – “On The Real Side” (TURBO) p.Jan.1975 VIOLA WILLS – “I’ve Got News For You” (SUPREME) p.Jan.1975 R.B. FREEMAN – “I’m Shaft (You Ain’t Shaft)” (AVCO) p.Jan.1975 New release* BRENDA LEE JONES – “You’re The Love Of My Life” (RUST) p.Jan.1975 DANNY HUNT – “What’s Happening To Our Love Affair” (DYNAMITE) p.Jan.1975 Released C.Aug 1974* CLYDE BROWN – “You Call Me Back” (ATLANTIC) p.Jan.1975 Released July 1974* LEONARD ‘LIL MAN’ KAIGLER – “Girl (You Got Me Believin’ In You” (SUNBURST) New release* ESSEX IV – “My Reaction To You” (WINDMILL) p.Jan.1975 LORRAINE CHANDLER – “I Can’t Change” (RCA-VICTOR) p.Jan.1975 – revival* REGGIE GARNER – Hot Line” (CAPITOL) p.Jan.1975 PRETENDERS – “I Wanna Be” (CARNIVAL) p.Jan.1975 VAN McCOY – “Boogie Down” (AVCO) p.Jan.1975 New release* TYRONE DAVIS – “What Goes Up (Must Come Down)” (DAKAR) p.Jan.1975 New release* DON THOMAS – Come On Train” (NUVJ) p.Jan.1975 New release* BILL HARRIS – “Uptown Saturday Night” (WARNER BROS) p.Jan.1975 New release* GARLAND GREEN – “Sending My Best Wishes” (SPRING) p.Jan.1975 New release* GWEN OWENS – “You Better Watch Out” (CASABLANCA) p.Jan.1975 New release* GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION – “Feel The Need” (WARNER BROS) New release* JAMES FOUNTAIN – “Seven Day Lover” (PEACHTREE) p.Jan.1975 – 1972 release PHILLY DEVOTIONS – “I Just Can’t Say Goodbye” (DON DE) New release* MARGO THUNDER – “The Soul Of A Woman” (HAVEN) New Release* SOULVATION ARMY BAND – “Dancing On A Daydream” (SOULVATION ARMY) New release* (Aug/Sept 1974) C.March – July 1975 FRANKIE ‘LOVEMAN’ CROCKER – “Ton Of Dynamite” (TURBO) PRINCE JOHNNY ROBINSON – “This Man Is Rated X” (ANDEE) New release* GEORGE CLINTON BAND – “Please Don’t Run From Me” (ABC LP) New Release* KING ERRISON – “Zola” (CANYON) THIRD TIME AROUND – “Soon Everything Will Be Alright” (DENINE) New Release* JACKIE LAVANT & FASHIONS – “I Don’t Mind Doin’ It” (PHIL LA of SOUL) New release* (vocal to Coalitions) DIANE JENKINS – “Tow-A-Way Zone” (CREATIVE SOURCE) New release* DIANE JENKINS – “I Need You” (CREATIVE SOURCE) New release* query – was the prior “Sweet Wine, Music And My Imagination” by Diane Jenkins ever played at the Highland Room as a new release? DESTINY – “So Much Love (inst)” (RCA) New release* EXCITERS – “Reaching For The Best” (Pre-release) JIMMY THOMPSON – “Jimmy’s Place” (JIMMY THOMPSON MUSIC) – New/Recent release? MODERN REDCAPS – “Never Too Young (To Fall In Love)” (SWAN) ROBBIE LAWSON – “Burning Sensation” (KYSER) VOICES OF EAST HARLEM – “Cashing In” (JUST SUNSHINE) – 1973 release TRADEWINDS – “Strange” (TRIUMPH) VALENTINO – “I Was Born This Way” (GAIEE) New release* RON BUTLER & RAMBLERS – “Peace And Love (inst)” (PLAYBOY) New release* POINTER SISTERS – “Send Him Back” (ATLANTIC) TROY KEYES – “If I Had My Way” (VMP) – confirmation needed AL GARDNER – “Sweet Baby” (SEPIA) ANN BYERS – “That Man Is Rated-X” (VIRTUE) New release* LOU EDWARDS & TODAY’S PEOPLE – “Talking ‘Bout Poor Folks” (COLUMBIA) – revived from 1973 OLLIE JACKSON – “The Day The World Sttod Still” (MAGNUM) REFLECTIONS – “Three Steps From True Love” (CAPITOL) New release* CROW – “Your Autumn Of Tomorrow” (INNER EAR) GEORGE ‘BAD’ BENSON – “Supership” (CTI) New release* SHIRLEY EIKHARD – “Rescue Me” (CAPITOL) TAMIKO JONES – “I’m Spellbound” (GOLDEN WORLD) ROBERT THOMAS – “Salvation” (CHARAY) RITA LEE – “Salvation” (CHARAY) – female version of above EDIE ROBIN – “There Must Be A Love Somewhere” (LE-CAM) New release?* MIKKI FARROW – “Set My Heart At Ease” (KARATE) ANDERSON BROTHERS – “I Can See Him Loving You” (GSF) BOBBY HUTTON – “Lend A Hand” (ABC LP) – 1973 release ERNEST MOSLEY – “Stubborn Heart” (LA CINDY) JOSHIE JO ARMSTEAD – “I Got The Vibes” (GOSPEL TRUTH) – Recent release CAROL WILLIAMS – “Rattlesnake” (SALSOUL) New release* – the first on the label methinks! JIMMY MACK – “My World Is On Fire” (PALMER) MELVIN CARTER – “Midnight Brew” (TRIP) – Revival from 1973. Formerly played as “Let’s Shing-A-Ling At The Go-Go” by the ‘Johnny Jackson Experience’ BROTHERS, SISTERS & COUSINS – “Smoke Stream” (NASCO) New/Recent release* CHUCK RAINEY COALITION – “Got It Together” (SKYE/COBBLESTONE LP) ROSEY JONES – “Have Love Will Travel” (TODAY) – 1973 release CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR – “Dreaming A Dream (inst)” (DE-LITE) New release* DANNY REED – “What Makes Her A Woman” (INTERNATIONAL MUSIC BAG) New release* HIGH VOLTAGE – “Country Road” (COLUMBIA) EARTH, WIND & FIRE – “Happy Feelin” (COLUMBIA/CBS LP) New release* BROTHERS – “Are You Ready For This” (RCA) New release* R.P.M. GENERATION – “Rona’s Theme” (ROMAR) BITS ‘N’ PIECES – “Keep On Running Away” (NASCO) New/Recent release* M.V.P.s – “Turning My Heartbeat Up” (BUDDAH) – 1970 release DENIECE CHANDLER – “Mama, I Wish I’d Stayed At Home” (LOCK) DEBBIE FLEMING – “Long Gone” (ATTIC) LILY FIELDS – “Love Has So Many Meanings” (SUNBURST) New release* – confirmation needed HANK JACOBS – “Elijah Rockin’ With Soul” (CALL ME) CHUCK JONES – “Boo On You” (WAND) New release* MAGIC DISCO MACHINE – “Control Tower” (MOTOWN) New release* JUDY HARRIS – “You Touched Me” (SUN) VAN McCOY – “Fire” (H&L LP) New release* VAL PALMER – “Back In My Arms Again” (TWIN STACKS) JENNY & JEWELS – “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart” (HIT) DAVE MITCHELL & SCREAMERS – “The Trip” (MET) CHUCK JACKSON – “Love Lights” (ALL PLATINUM) New release* – confirmation needed Additional new US releases included the following – some (or all!) may have been played at some time? LIVIN’ INN – “It’s Hard To Stop” (EPIC) IMAGINATIONS – “Searchin” (20th CENTURY) Feb.1975 SATYR – “Free And Easy” (RCA) May/June 1975 EBB TIDE – “Give Me Your Best Shot Baby” (SOUND GEMS) May/June 1975 JIMMY JACKSON – “Footsteps In The Shadows” (BUDDAH) INVITATIONS – “Look On The Good Side” (SILVER BLUE) New release in Nov.1974 LTD EXCHANGE – “Waterbed” (WAND) ANTHONY WHITE – “Hey Baby” (PIR) Also, were the following Ian Levine faves ( mentioned in Black Music) ever played? In the last hour perhaps? CHRISTINE ADAMS – “Loneliness Is Always Around” (CYCLONE) WE THE PEOPLE – “(Only) One Of A Kind” (MAP CITY) The listings below date only from the period AFTER the Highland Room playlists began to shift toward a high proportion of new releases, (which is what personally attracted me to attend the Mecca after mid-74) A more comprehensive listing of rare 60s recordings played in the period 1970-1974 is featured in the broader ‘Northern Soul’ playlists that proceed this one, and which it is hoped will ultimately include the wide variety of music featured at MANY UK venues, not just Blackpool. The information is taken from a variety of sources including ads in B&S, the Dave Godin & Frank Elson’s columns, DJ interviews, ‘Live’ tapes etc.etc. This will be added to substantially in due course (hopefully). The first section (February-August) includes notable Highland Room spins played during that initial transitional period, most of which continued to be popular for several months afterwards. The Carstairs (listed as being played between C.Feb. and Nov.1974) is used as a convenient link between the two periods, nothing more. IT IS NOT MY INTENTION TO ARGUE WHO “FIRST PLAYED” A PARTICULAR RECORD!, just an attempt to list them in some kind of chronological order of play.
July 1975 – December 1975
MEL BRITT – “She’ll Come Running Back” (FIP) BILLY WOODS – “Let Me Make You Happy” (SUSSEX) KENNY SMITH – “Lord, What’s Happening To Our People” (GAR) HUBERT LAWS – “The Chicago Theme” (CTI) New release* ESTHER PHILLIPS – “What A Difference A Day Made” (KUDU) New release* JESSE FISHER – “You’re Not Loving A Beginner” (WAY OUT) MAIN SQUEEZE -“Let It All Come” (ROULETTE) WADE FLEMONS – “Jeanette” (RAMSEL) PAT LUNDI – “Party Music” (VIGOR) New Release* SEGMENTS OF TIME – “Memories” (SUSSEX) BOOGIE MAN ORCHESTRA – Lady Lady Lady” (BOOGIE MAN RECORDS) New release* DELRAYS INCORPORATED – “Destination Unknown” (TAMPETTE) 8th AVENUE BAND – “The Real Thing” (COLUMBIA) JACK ASHFORD & The SOUND of NEW DETROIT – “Do The Choo Choo” (BLAZE) New release* VERNON BURCH – “Frame Of Mind” (UNITED ARTISTS) New release* ROGER COLLINS – “You Sexy Sugar Plum” (FANTASY) Recent release LEROY HUTSON – “Ella Weez” (CURTOM) Recent release BARNABY BYE – “Can’t Live This Way” (ATLANTIC) New release* TOBI LARK – “Happiness Is Here” (TOPPER) BETTY WRIGHT – “If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me” (ALSTON) MIRACLES – “Love Machine” (TAMLA) New release* LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY – “The World Don’t Owe You Nothing” (AWARE) New release* LEE FIELDS – “Take Me Back” (ANGLE 3) JEFF PERRY – “Love Don’t Come No Stronger” (ARISTA) New release* CRYSTAL MOTION – “You’re My Main Squeeze” (SOUND GEMS) New release* JACKEY BEAVERS – “Trying To Get To You Girl” (GLADES) New release* SKULLSNAPS – “I’m Your Pimp” (GSF LP) Recent release JIMMY BURNS – “I Really Love You” (ERICA) CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR – “Sex Trip” (RCA LP) Recent release VENTURES – “Superstar Review” (UNITED ARTISTS) New release* IDLE FEW – “People That’s Why” (BLUE BOOK) IKETTES – “Two Timin’ Double Dealin” (UNITED ARTISTS) LEN JEWEL – “All My Good Good Lovin” (PZAZZ) OSCAR PERRY – “I Got What You Need” (PERI-TONE) New release* ACE SPECTRUM – “Keep Holding On” (ATLANTIC) p.?? NOLAN PORTER – “Oh Baby” (ABC) MOMENTS – “I Got The Need” (STANG LP) New release* RIMSHOTS – “Do What You Feel” (STANG) New release* KEVIN DRINKARD – “World World” (TEENS) Recent release HARLEM RIVER DRIVE – “Need You” (ARISTA) New release* CAROLYN CRAWFORD – “Just Got To Be More Careful” (PIR) New release* O’JAYS – “I Love Music” (PIR) New release* DAVID RUFFIN – “Walk Away from Love” etc. (MOTOWN LP) New release* ARCHIE BELL & The DRELLS – “The Soul City Walk”, “Let’s Groove” (TSOP) New release* PLAYERS – “Find My Way” (CHOCOLATE CITY) New release* record was quickly withdrawn and re-issued with Cameo group name BLACK NASTY – “Cut Your Motor Off” (BIG HIT) New release* SPOOKY & SUE – “I Got The Need” (DECCA) Belgian import* EDDIE PARKER – “Body Chains” (PRODIGAL) New release* DOLLY GILMORE – “Sweet Sweet Lady” (DOVE) New release* FANTASTIC PUZZLES – “Come Back” (NEW MOON) New release* HOSANNA – “Hipit” (LHMA) New release* JOE FRAZIER – “First Round Knockout” (MOTOWN) Recent release* MYSTIC MOODS – “Honey Trippin” (SOUND BIRD) New release* BETTY BAKER & JAXIS – “Marching Out Of My Life” HEARTSTOPPERS – “Brainwashed By Love” (ALL PLATINUM LP) LIBERTY – “Girl You Better Wake Up” (BASF) 1973 release January – August 1976 PRINCE GEORGE – “Wrong Crowd” (DPG) DOBIE GRAY – “Honey You Can’t Take It Back” (WHITE WHALE) p.Jan EAST COAST CONNECTION – “Summer In The Parks” (NEW DIRECTION) New release* KIM TOLLIVER – “I Don’t Know What Foot To Dance On” (CASTRO) New release* ANDRE MAURICE – “Cream Of The Crop” (BALE) New release* VICKIE SUE ROBINSON – “Turn The Beat Around” (RCA) New release* BLACK NASTY – “Turn Your Motor Off” (BIG HIT) New release* SMOKED SUGAR – “I Can’t Get Enough” (20th CENTURY) New release* SPRINGFIELD FAMILY – “The Sounds Of Disco” (ARREST) New release* MIRACLES – “Overture” (TAMLA LP) New release* L.V. JOHNSON – “Your Magic Put A Spell On Me” (PHILIPS pre-release)* CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR – “Foxy Lady” (DE-LITE LP) New release* SWEET BLINDNESS – “Cowboys To Girls” (QUALITY) Canadian New release* LIVING COLOR – “Thank The Lord For Love” (MADHATTER) DELREYS INCORPORATED – “Destination Unknown” (TAMPETE) DOOLEY SILVERSPOON – “Game Players” (Sound Of New York LP) New release* VAN McCOY – “Party” (H&L) New release* MOMENTS – “Nine Times” (STANG) New release* WALTER MURPHY & BIG APPLE BAND – “California Strut” (PRIVATE STOCK) New release* MARK PUTNEY – “Today’s Man” (ATLANTIC) 1969 release YUM-YUMS – “Gonna Be A Big Thing” (ABC- PARAMOUNT) revival GATURS – “Yeah You’re Right, You Know You’re Right” (GATUR) aka “A Hunk Of Funk” DALTREY MARTIN – “Everybody Dance” (SPRING) New release* DEE DEE SHARP – “Happy ‘Bout The Whole Thing” (TSOP) New release* THIRD POINT – “Spirit” (TIDE) ALBERT JONES – “Up To The Sun” (BUMPSHOP) New release* JOBELL & His ORCHESTRA de SALSA – “Never Gonna Let You Go” (JAN) New release* MILLIE JACKSON – “A House For Sale” (SPRING LP) New release* MISTURA feat. Lloyd Michels – “The Flasher” (FUSION) New release* RALPH CARTER – “When You’re Young And In Love”, “Extra Extra” etc. (MERCURY LP) New release* INSPIRATIONS – “Nobody Can Take Your Place” (PAREE) TAVARES – “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” (CAPITOL) New release* MAURICE WILLIAMS – “Being Without You” (DEESU) EVELYN THOMAS – “Doomsday” (TOMORROW Pre-release)* HOKIS POKIS – “Nowhere” (SHEILD) New release* TYRONE DAVIS – “Turning Point” (DAKAR) New release* TODAY’S PEOPLE – “All We Need Is Time For Love” (GAMMA) Italian recording – New release* ALFIE KHAN ORCHESTRA – “Law Of The Land” (ATLANTIC) New release* MARBOO – “What About Love” (MIDLAND INT.) New release* CREATIVE SOURCE – “Don’t Be Afraid To Take My Love” (POLYDOR LP) New release* RAMSEY & Co. – “Love Call” (RAMCO) New release* DAVE NEWMAN – “Make Up Your Mind” (LOOK) CLEVELAND EATON – “Quazar One” unreleased acetate? BOBBY MOORE – “Try To Hold On” (SCEPTER) New release* ISAAC HAYES – “Disco Connection” (HBS LP) New release* DEBORAH ANDERSON – “Funny How We Changed Places” (MUSICOR) confirmation needed/last hour? JEANNIE TRACY – “Making New Friends” (BROWN DOOR) confirmation needed/last hour? Additional New Releases included: BENNY TROY – “I Wanna Give You Tomorrow” (DE-LITE) Feb. TERRY WEISS – “Keep On Pushing Your Love” (PLATINUM) Jan/Feb. DEE DEE WARWICK – “Funny How We Changed Places” (PRIVATE STOCK) Mar/April Later released as DeDe Schwartz on RCA UNDISPUTED TRUTH – “You + Me = Love” (WHITFIELD) 12″ C.September – December 1976 RONNIE McNEIR – “Sitting In My Class” (DETO) GWEN OWENS – “Just Say You’re Wanted And Needed” (VELGO) HERBERT HUNTER – “I Was Born To Love You” (SPAR) CLIFFORD CURRY – “Body Shop” (BUDDAH) New release* PHASE II – “The First Shot” (OSIRIS) New release* STANLEY WOODRUFF – “What Took You So Long” (JULDANE) New release* EMANON’S ORCHESTRA – “Bird Walkin” (Label?) KATHY GREEN – “Love City” (MOTOWN) New release* TURN OF THE CENTURY – “Money Can’t” (BUMPSHOP) AL De LORY – “Right On” (CAPITOL) BETTY LLOYD – “I’m Catching On” (BRC) ROTATIONS – “A Changed Man” (FRANTIC) DON GARDNER – “Cheatin’ Kind” (SEDGRICK) RUFUS WOODS – “Before 2001” (ESPANOLA) JUDY FREEMAN & BLACKROCK – “Hold On” (RCA) 1972 release JOHNNIE WILLIAMS – “Something Kind Of Mellow” (BABYLON) Recent release JIMMY MACK – “A Woman Is Hard To Understand” (HAMSTER) MYSTERY MEN – “City Skies” (Label?) SAMMY LEE – “What Goes Around, Comes Around” (PROMCO) New release*(?) BANG GANG – “Who Said Honky Ain’t Got Soul” (WARNER BROS.) New release* JAMES WELLS – “Baby I’m Still The Same Man” (pre-release)* ALVIN CASH – “Ali Shuffle” (DAKAR) New release* Sept. BARBARA PENNINGTON – “Twenty-Four Hours A Day” (pre-release)* D.C. LARUE – Cathedrals” (PYRAMID 12″) New release* BOBBY WOMACK – “I Don’t Know (What The World Is Coming To)” (UNITED ARTISTS) JAKKI – “Sun Sun Sun” (PYRAMID 12″) New release* C. HENRY WOODS TROUPE – “The Stranger” (ENYX) New release* BUFFALO SMOKE (feat. Lou Courtney) – “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow” (RCA 12″) New release* EL COCO – “Let’s Get It Together” (AVI) New release* SIDNEY THOMAS – “Look Let’s Make Love” (PARALLEL) New release* NIGHTS – “When You Dropped Your Guard (Love Knocks You Down)” (LITTLE STAR LP) New release* SALSOUL ORCHESTRA – “Salsoul 2001″ (SALSOUL 12”) New release* FOUR BELOW ZERO – “My Baby’s Got ESP” (P&P/ROULETTE) New release* BROTHERS – “Were You Ready For That”/”Brother’s Theme” (RCA/SUNBAR LP) New release* MIAMI – “Kill That Roach” (DRIVE) New release* LALO SCHIFFRIN – “Theme From Jaws” (CTI LP) New release* JAMES BYNUM – “Time Passes By” (PHILLY CITY) New release* CATCH – “Mr. Nice Guy” (LK) New release* DOUBLE EXPOSURE – “Ten Per Cent” (SALSOUL 12″) New release* WEAPONS OF PEACE – “It Just Can’t Be This Way” (PLAYBOY) New release* EMOTIONS – “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” (COLUMBIA) New release* EARTH, WIND & FIRE – “Biyo” (COLUMBIA LP) New release* DONNY GERRARD – “He’s Always Somewhere Around” (GREEDY) New release* ROBERTA KELLY – “Trouble Maker” (OASIS) New release* DR. BUZZARD’S SAVANNAH BAND – “I’ll Play The Fool”/”Chercez La Femme” etc. (RCA LP) New release* POP-A-GROOVE – “Dance Your Ass Off” (SFO) New release (demo)* WILLIE J. & Co. – “Boogie With Your Baby (Inst.)” (KI KI) New release* STRATAVARIOUS – “I Got Your Love” (Canadian POLYDOR 7″) New release* TOWER OF POWER – “You Ought To Be Having Fun” (COLUMBIA) New release* ESTHER WILLIAMS – “You Got To Let Me Show You” (FRIENDS & Co.) New release* DONNA SUMMER – “Spring Affair” (CASABLANCA) New release* GENTLEMEN & THEIR LADY – “Like Her” (ROULETTE) New release* LEE RITENOUR – “A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That” (EPIC LP) New release* VICKIE SUE ROBINSON – “Daylight” (RCA) New release* SOUL TRAIN GANG – “Theme From Soul Train” (SOUL TRAIN) New release* LIFE USA – “Foxy Trot” (BUDDAH) New release* Sept/Oct. CLOUD ONE – “Atmosphere Strut” (P&P 12″) New release* Sept/Oct. ROSE ROYCE – “Car Wash” (MCA Soundtrack LP) New release* Oct. HEART & SOUL – “You Got Me Goin” (PIP 12″) New release* HOUSTON PERSON – “Dancing Feet” (MERCURY) New release* RUBY ANDREWS – “I Got A Bone To Pick With You” (ABC) New release* SIDE EFFECT – “Always There” (FANTASY LP) New release* RARE PLEASURE – “Let Me Down Easy” (CHERI 12″) New release* JERMAINE JACKSON – “Space Odyssey” (MOTOWN LP) New release* RALPH MacDONALD – “Calypso Breakdown” (MARLIN LP) New release* BESSIE BANKS – “Don’t You Worry Baby (The Best Is Yet To Come)” (QUALITY) New release* TAVARES – “Don’t Take Away The Music” (CAPITOL LP) New release* JEAN NAPOLI – “Let’s Make Love” (VIGOR 12″ New release* WEBSTER LEWIS – “Theme” (EPIC) New release* BOBBY WOMACK – “Home Is Where The Heart Is” (COLUMBIA) New release* CAROL TOWNES & FIFTH AVENUE – “If You Leave Me” (SIXTH AVENUE) New release* DENIECE WILLIAMS – “It’s Important To Me” (COLUMBIA LP) New release* M.F.S.B. – “Kay-Gee” (PIR LP) New release* STEVE MARSHALL – “Maintain” (REYNOLDS 12″) New release* DEXTER WANSEL – “Life On Mars” (PIR LP) New release* WHIRLWIND – “Full Time Thing” (ROULETTE 12″) New release* GLASS FAMILY – “Smoke Your Troubles Away” (EARHOLE) New release* LATIMORE – “Something ‘Bout Cha” (GLADES) New release* JIMMY JONES – “Ain’t Nothing Wrong Making Love” (CONCHILLO) New release* BILL BRANDON – “Streets Got My Lady” (PIEDMONT) New release* VESSIE SIMMONS – “I Can Make It On My Own” (SIMCO) New release* DENISE LaSALLE – “I Get What I Want” (ABC) New release* NORMA JENKINS – “Can You Imagine That” (DESERT MOON) New release* BRASS CONSTRUCTION – “Ha Cha Cha (Function)” (UNITED ARTISTS) New release* KOOL & The GANG – “Open Sesame” (DE-LITE LP/12″) New release* LITTLE BEAVER – “Listen To My Heartbeat” (CAT) confirmation? BRICK – “Dazz” (BANG) New release* JEAN CARN – “Time Waits For No One” (PIR LP) New release* EDDIE KENDRICKS – “Going Up In Smoke” (TAMLA) New release* SKIP MAHOANEY & CASUALS – “Running Away From Love” (ABET) + 12″ New release* CHUCK STEPHENS – “Let’s Get Nasty” (EAST COAST) New release* The new “official Mecca ender”, replacing “California Montage” C.Autumn 1976 The following new releases were also buzzing around… PHILADELPHIA AMBASSADORS – “Girl I Love Everything About You” (PIP) ROCKGAZERS – “I Believe In Love” (SIXTH AVENUE) SPACEARK – “Do What You Can Do” (COLORWORLD) FREDDIE HUGHES – “Don’t You Leave” (GREG-UH-RUDY) MIKE & BILL – “Where Do I Stand” (YORK) RUMPUS – “My Love’s Gonna Get You” (DASH) SILVER, PLATINUM & GOLD – “Just Friends” (FARR) Playlists from 1977 onwards: See Jazz-Funk Listings.
This is the final section of the Mecca listings before the Jazz/Funk era. Please PM me any additions and tape listings etc….
The listings for the period 1977 onwards include those of many other funk clubs I attended, such as Chaplin’s, The Ritz Alldayers, Rafters, Rum Runner, Cassanelli’s etc. These may be amended and edited accordingly. Northern Soul playlists 1970-C.1975 to be posted in due course. All further help greatly appreciated!

BLACKPOOL MECCA LISTINGS VARIOUS 100th South of Broadway – Philadelphia Society (American Recording Co) 21st Creation -Tailgate 3rd Time Around Soon Everything Gonna Be Alright 5 degrees farenheit – just let your heart be your guide – abet 5th amendment – got you where i want you 8th Avenue Band – The Whole Thing [ Columbia ] Admirations – Heaven Is In Your Arms Al Delory – Right On Al Downing I’ll Be Holding On Al Wilson Passport – 75 Alfie Davidson – Who’s Gonna Love Me Alfie Kahn – Law Of The Land Alice Clark “You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurt Me)” Almeta Lattimore These Memories Alpaca Phase 111 – “I like to party” Ambers – Potion of love Anderson Brothers I Can See Him Making Love Andre Maurice Youre The Cream Of The Crop Ann Byers Happy Without You Ann Byers Im So Happy About You Ann Peebles If This Is Heaven Hi Ann Sexton ‘You Got To Use What You Got’ – Sound Stage Seven Ann Sexton You’ve Been Gone Too Long AQUARIAN DREAM – PHOENIX Archie Bell – Lets Groove Aristocrats Lets Get Together now Arnold Blair Trying To Get Next To You Art Wheeler That’s How Much I Love You Arthur Prysock – When love is new – Old town Bang Gang – Who Said Honkies Aint Got Soul Bang Gang “Who Said Honkeys Aint Got Soul” Barbara & Brenda Don’t Wait Up For Me Mama Barbara Hall You Brought It On Yourself Beloyd Get Into My Life Ben Aiken “Satisfied” Ben Monroe Broken Home Bernard Smith – Never gonna let you go Bernie Williams “Ever Again” Bessie Banks ‘Don’t You Worry Bay The Best Is Yet To Come’ — Quality better get used to this feeling- ellington sisters Betty Baker – Marching out of your life Betty Lloyd – I’m catching on Bill Brandon ‘The Streets Got My Lady’ – Piedmont Bill Coday ‘A Man Can’t Be A Man’ -Epic Bill Harris – Am I Cold Am I Hot Bill Harris Uptown Staturday night (1975) Billy Jo Young – I’ve got you on my mind again Billy Proctor & Love System – Keeping up with joneses (Epic) 1975 Billy Woods Let Me Make You Happy Sussex Bits And Pieces – Smoke Stream (Nasco) Bit’s N Pieces Keep On Running Away Black Nasty -Cut your motor off Blood Hollins “Dont Give It Up” – Strange Fruit Blood Hollins How Have You Been” – RCA Bo KirkLand Ruth Davis Youre Gonna Get Next To Me Bob Relf “Blowing My Mind To Pieces” etc. Bob Segar – Heavy music – Cameo. Bobby Foster If You Ever Need A Friend Bobby Hebb “Love, Love, Love” Bobby Hutton Lend A Hand Bobby Lester Hang Up Your Hang Ups Bobby Newton Shady Lady Bobby Taylor There Are Roses Somewhere In This World Bobby Treetop “Wait Till I Get To Know Ya” Bobby Wilson – Soulful Love Bobby Womack ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ – Columbia Bobby Womack – I Don’t Know Bobby Womack I Don’t Know Bobby Womack I Don’t Know – ua BOBY FRANKLIN LADIES CHOICE Boogie Man Orchestra Lady Lady Lady Boogie Man Orchestra Lady Lady Lady BRAINSTORM – LOVIN IS REALLY MY GAME Brainstorm – Were On Our Way Home Brainstorm Wake Up And Be Sombody Brass Construction- Movin Brenda Lee Jones You’re The Love Of My Life Brothers & Sisters Don’t Let ‘Em Tell You Brothers Guiding Light – Getting Together Brown Sugar Brown Sugar – Game Is Over (Capital) Buddy Miles Just A Kiss Away california playboys trying to become a millionaire lp Candi Staton – Young hearts Carl Graves – Heart be still Carl Hall What About You Columbia Carlena Williams – I Won’t Be Completely Happy – Veniece Carlettes – “I’m getting tired”. Carletts – I’m getting tired Carol Townes & 6th Avenue Carolyn Crawford ‘Just Got To Be More Careful’- PI Carstairs It Really Hurts Me Girl Casanova Two We Got To Keep On Catch – Mr nice guy Catch Mr Nice Guy Cecil Homes – Soulful Love Celeste Hardy Youre Gone Charades Key To My Happiness MGM Charen Cotton A Little Bit Of Love Charles Drain Charles Mann Its all over Charles Mann CheckMates All Alone By The Telephone Chris Jackson Since theres no doubt Soul City acetate Chubby checker – Looking at tomorrow Chuck Jackson I Got What You Need Chuck Jones & Company Boo On You Chuck Stephens Lets Get Nasty Clarence Carter – If it don’t fit don’t force it Clarence Reid ‘Come On With It’ – Alston Cleveland Eaton – Quasar one Clifford Curry BodyShop Cloud One Atmosphere Strutt Clyde Brown You Call Me Back coasters (freddie jones c/u) Commodores The Human Zoo Contours “Baby Hit And Run” Corey Blake How Can I Go On Without You Creative Source – don’t be afraid Crossfire Take me back – (75) Crown Heights Affair – Sexy Ways Crown Heights Affair Dancin’ Crown Heights Affair Streakin Rca Crown Heights Affair-Dreaming a dream/Every beat of my heart Crown Heights AffairSex Trip – Crown Hieghts Affair Dreaming a Dream voc&inst Crystal Motion Youre My Main Squeeze Daltrey Martin danny hunt – whats happening to our love affair – dynamite Danny Reed What Makes Her A Woman Darrow Fletcher We Need An Understanding Dave Love “Colalined Baby” Dave Love Baby Hard Times Dave Mitchell & The Screamers “The Trip” David & The Giants Superlove David & The Giants Ten Miles High David Lenyard and The Music tree-It could have been you David Rhodes – Hung Up In Mid Air DC Larue – Cathedrals Debbie Fleming Long Gone Debbie Taylor Just Dont Pay Debra Anderson – Funny how we’ve changed places Dee Dee Sharp Happy Bout The Whole Thing dee dee sharp breaking and entering Dee Dee Warwick Funny How We Change Places Del Larks Job Opening Delilah Moore – It takes love Delreys Inc – Destination Unknown Dena Barnes If You Ever Walked Out Of Myt Life Deniece Chandler Mama I Wish I Stayed At Home Denise Keeble – Before it falls apart Denise Keeble “Before it falls apart” Deodata -Peter Gunn Detroit Executives Cool Off devonnes (leavers c/u) Devonnes I,m Gonna Pick Up My Toys Diane Jenkins I Need You Diane Jenkins Tow a Way Zone Diane Jenkins-I need you Don Downing Dreamworld Don Gardner – Cheating kind Don Gardner Were gonna make it big – (74) Don Renaldo – Fiddlin’ Around Don Renaldo Fiddlin Around (Pete Haigh Redit) Don Renaldo Fiddlin Around (Pete Haigh Redit) Don Thomas Come On Train Don Varner Tear Stained Face Donald Byrd Think Twice Donald Byrd Think Twice doni burdick (lebernion strings c/u) Doni Burdick Bari Track Doni Burdick I Have Faith In You Donna King Take Me Home Donnie Burkes “Satisfaction Guaranted” Donnie Burkes Youlll Never Know What You Got Donny Gerrard He’s Always Somewhere Around Dooley Silverspoon Game Players Dooley Silverspoon Game Players Doris Jones – Cant You See The Smile On My Face Doris Jones – No Way Out Dorothy Morrison I Cant Go On Without You Dr Buzzard ‘Cherchez La Femme’ -RCA Duke Browner “Crying Over You” Dushons – You’d Better Think It Over Dynamics We Need Love EARL CONNELLY MAKE UP YOUR MIND Earnest Mosely”Stubborn Heart” Earth Wind & Fire-Happy feelin/Biyo Earth Wind And Fire Fantasy Earth Wind And Fire Happy Feelin East Coast Connection Summer In The Parks Ebonistic – Aint it good to you Ecstacy Passion & Pain Good Things Don’t Last Forever Edd Tibes – Best Shot (Sound Gems) Eddie Billups – Shake off that dream eddie billups shake off that dream Eddie Foster – I never knew EDDIE HOLMAN – NIGHT TO REMEMBER Eddie Horan Ups and Downs of a love affair – (1975) Eddie Parker – Body Chains Eddie Parker I’m Gone Ede Robin There Must Be A Love Somewhere Edie Make It Last edth walker (patince valentine c/u) Edward Hamilton & The Arabians “Baby Don’t You Weep” Edward Hamilton Baby Don’t You Weep Eloise Laws Love Factory Entertains Love Will Turn Around Epitome Of Sound You Don’t Love Me Ernie Andrews – Fine Young girl Essex IV My Reaction To You Esther Phillips What a difference a Day Makes Esther Williams – You gotta let me show you – Friends an co Eula Cooper “Let Our Love Grow Higher” Evelyn Thomas – Shame Fabulous Determinations Has Love Been Here Before Faith Hope & Charity To Each His Own Fantastic Four – Got To Have Your Love Fantastic Johnny C – Dont Depend On Me (Philly LA) Fantastic Puzzles Come Back Fat Larrys Band – Centre City Fathers Angels “Boc To Bach” fay hauser ‘reaching out for happiness’ fay hauser ‘you bring the sun in the morning’ FOUR BELOW ZERO – “My Baby’s Got ESP” (P&P/ROULETTE) Four Tracks – Charade Frankie Beverley If Thats What You Wanted Frankie Crocker – Ton Of Dynamite Frankie Newsome We Are On Our Way Freddie Chavez They’ll Never Know Why Freddie Lowe Decisions Freddie Mccoy Soul Yogi – Freddie Mccoy (75) freddie williams (roy handley c/u) Freddien Chavez “They’ll Never Know Why” Fresh Flavour – Without you baby, I´m a looser G. Davis & R. Tyler “Hold On Help Is On The Way” Garland Green Bumpin n’ Stompin Spring Garland Green Sending My Best Wishes Spring Gene Chandler Curtom Gene Chandler You dont have to be lying – Curtom(75) George Benson – The World is a Ghetto (LP track) George Benson Supership George Blackwell “Can’t Lose My Head” George Clinton Please Don’t Run George Wydell – Funny feeling Gil Scott Heron The Bottle Gorgeous George Strange Book Grace Jones – Sorry Graham Central Station Feel the need in me – (1975) Gwen Owens You better watch out – Casablanca (74) Heart & Soul – Do The Walk Heartstoppers -“Brainwashed by love”. Herbert Hunter I Was Born To Love You Herbie Mann – “Waterbed” (ATLANTIC) Herbie Mann Hijack Heywood Cash ‘You’re Messing Up A Good Thing’- Epic Hodges James & Smith You Take My Love For Granted Hokis Pokis – Swing – Sheild Hosanna Hipit Hubert Laws – Chicago theme. Hypnotics Beware Of A Stranger Idle Few People That’s Why Idris Mohamed – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This ila vann – cant help loving that man – roulette (estelle denison c/u) ILA VANN YOU MADE ME THIS WAY IMPERIAL WONDERS – “You Live Only Once” (SOLID FOUNDATION) LBM 101 Innersection – Let me love you InnerVision Honey Babe Inspirations No One Else Can Take Your Place Intrepids – To make you love me Intrepids-After you’ve had your fling, get down to the real thing Invitations Look On The Good Side Isaac Taylor – I’m Tired Of These Changes – Ronn Isley Brothers “Tell Me Its Just A Rumour” J.J. Barnes “Our Love Is In The Pocket” Jackie Beavers-Trying to get back to you girl Jackie Moore Heart Be Still Jacky Beavers Trying To Get Back To You Girl James Brown ‘Body Heat’ – Polydor James Bynum Time Passes By James Fountain “Seven Day Lover” James Wells – Baby I’m Still The Same Man javells – goodbye nothing to say – pye JB Bingham All Alone By The Telephone Jean Carn ‘If You Wanna Go Back’ – PI Jeanette Williams – Something gotta hold on me Jeanie Tracy Making New Friends Jeff Perry Love Dont Come No Stronger JellyBeans You Dont Mean Me No Good Jesse Fisher – You’re not loving a beginner Jimmy Castor – E Man Party Jimmy Holiday When Im Loving You Jimmy James & The Vagabonds Whatever Happened To The Love We Knew Jimmy Jones Aint Nothin Wrong Makin Love Jimmy Mack – a womans hard to understand. Jimmy Norman – I want to make love you jimmy norman (adam blackwell c/u) Jimmy Raye “Philly Dog Around The World” Jimmy Thompson – Jimmy’s place JJ Jackson – Let Me Try Again – Magna-Glide Jnr Walker I ain’t Going Nowhere Jo Armstead – I got the vibes Jobell Orchestra Never Gonna Let You Go JODI MATHIS DONT YOU CARE ANYMORE Joe Anderson You And I Joe Frazier “First Round Knock Out” Joe Hicks “Don’t It Make You Feel Funky” Joe Matthews Ain’t Nothin You Can Do kool kat Johhny Balker Shy Guy Johhny Hammond Los Consqistadors Chocolates John Bowie Youre Gonna Miss A Good Thing Baby John Davis Monster Orch-Up jumped the devil Johnnie Baker Shy Guy Johnny Baker – Operator,operator. Cisco Johnny Bragg They Are Talking About Me Johnny Hammond “Los Conquistadores Chocolates” (MILESTONE LP) Johnny Howard “The Chase Is On” JOHNNY WILLIAMS – YOURE SOMETHING KIND OF MELLOW Josie Jo Armstead I Got The Vibes Judy Freeman Hold On Juggy Murray Jones Keanya Collins Love Bandit Kenny Smith – Lord what’s happening to your people Kim Tolliver-I don’t know what foot to dance on KOOL & GANG – OPEN SESAME Lalo Schifrin – Jaws Lamont Dozier – Going Back to My Roots Larry Saunders On The Real Side Laura Green You Take My Heart Away’ – Epic Lawrence Hilton Jacobs – Time Machine Lee David – Temptation Is Calling My Name lee fields take me back Lee Ritenour – A little bit of this and a little bit of that
Leon Haywood – ThStreets Will Love You To Death Len BarryI’ll Always Need You Lenny Curtis Nothing Can Help You Now Leroy Hutson Ella Weez Lesley Uggams Love is a good foundation – (73/74) Lew Kirton Heaven In The Afternoon Liberty – Girl ,You better wake up Life Tell me Why – Life (74/75) Light Drivers-Operator Lily fields love has so many meanings Sunflower Linda Clifford – From Now oN Linda Clifford – You Are You Are Linda Clifford Runaway Love Linda Jones I Just Can,t Live My Life Linda PerryIt’s All In The Back Of Me Now lionel hampton there it is – Little Beaver Listen To My HeartBeat Little Johnnie Blair Mommas Gone Little Richie”Just Another Heartache” Lol Holloway “I know where youre coming from” Loleatta Holloway – Mother of shame Loleatta Holloway ‘Hit & Run’ – Salsoul Lolleata Holoway – Runaway Lolleatta Holloway – i know where etc….. Lolleta Hollaway – Hit & Run Lorraine Chandler “I Can’t Hold On” Lost Family Blow My Mind Lou Courtney “Trying To Find My Woman” Lou Courtney Somebody New Is Loving You Lou Edwards and Todays People – Talkin ‘ ‘ bout poor folks [ Columbia ] Lou Jackson I Can’t Believe You Said You Loved Me Lou Ragland – I travel alone Love Foundation-What’s the matter baby LOVELITES GET IT OFF MY CONCIENCE Luscious 3 – Take Me As I Am – T’Suga Rays Luther Vandross Dont Want To Be A Fool Lydia Marcelle It’s Not Like You Lydia Marcelle Its Not Like You Lynn Randel “Stranger In My Arms” Lynn Vernado Wash And Wear Love Mack Simmons Turning Point Madelaine Wilson Dial L For Lonely Magic Disco Machine “Contral Tower” Magic Night If You And I Had Never Met Magnetic Force – Ain’t gonna be a next time/Just in the nick of time Main Squeeze Let it all come – (74/75) Major Harris ‘Laid Back Love’ – WMOT Major Harris Loving You Is Mellow malibus – gee baby – sure shot (willie hamilton c/u) Mamie Galore No Right To Cry Mandrill Never Die marc copage – who can i turn to – avco (little lee howell c/u) Margie Evans – Waterfalls Margie Joseph Come On Back To Me Lover Margo Thunder – The Soul of a woman Marie green – Sorry, that number´s been disconected Mark Putney Todays Man Marke Jackson I’ll Never Forget Marlena Shaw – Go Away Little Boy marvin holmes – you better keep her – brown door Marvin Smith Curtom Masterfleet – Well (Phase 1) – Sussex Maurice Williams”Being Without You” MayBerry Movement I Can See Him Makin Love MayBerry Movement I Think I’m In Love Mel Williams – Sweet little girl of mine melvin carter (johnny jackson exprierice c/u) Miami – Kill that roach Michael henderson – Take me i´m yours Michael Polinareff- Lipstick Michael Zager band- Let’s all chant mickie champion (jodi williams c/u) Mighty Tom Cats – Finger In It – Winley Mikki Farrow “Set My Heart At Ease” Milton Hamilton Crystalised A Love Supreme Minne Jones Shadow Of A Memory Miracles “City of Angels” LP. Miroslav Vitous New York City Miroslav Vitous New York City Mistura The Flasher Modulations – I can´t fight your love Moments “I got the need” Moments Nine Times Moments Sweet sweet Lady Monday After – Merry go round Montclairs – Hey you dont fight it Montclairs – Hung Up On Your Love Morris Chestnut “Too Darn Soulfull” Moses Smith Girl Across The Street MVP’S Turning My Heartbeat Up Mylestones-Sexy lady NANETTE WORKMAN – “Lady Marmalade (inst)” (PACHA) Natural 4 – I thought you were mine Natural Four The Devil Made Me Do It Never Die – Mandrill New York Port Authority – I Got It Newcomers The Whole World Is A Picture Show Nite-Liters – K Gee Nolan Porter – Oh Baby Norma Jenkins Can You Imagine That Norman Connors / Philip Mitchell Once Ive Been There Notations Its All Right Ollie Jackson “The Day My Heart Stood Still” orange sunshine whos cheating on you – Originals – Down to love town Oscar Perry He Sent Me You Oscar Perry I Got What You Need Oscar Perry Main String Otis Blackwell – its all over me – Epic Pat Lundi Party Music Patsy Gallant – Get that ball Patti Austin “Take Away The Pain Stain” Patti Austin Take Away The PainStain Patti Austin You Didn’t Say A Word Paul Humphrey – Cochise Paul Humphrey – Cool aid – Lizard. Paulette Reeves-Jazz freak Peoples Choice Jam Jam Jam Pete Warner I just Wanna Spend My Life Peter Brown Do You wanna a get Funky? Phase II – The first Shot – Osiris Philly Devotions Just Cant Say GoodBye Phillys Hyman – Living inside your love Phyllis Hyman Baby I’m gonna love you New Moon Players Association – Disco Inferno – Long version Pleasure Let Me Be The One Pockets – Come Go With Me Pop a Groove – Dance your ass off Porgy & The Monarchs “My Heart Cries For You” Prince George Wrong Crowd Prince Johhnny Robinson That Girl is rated x -(75) Producers Lady Lady Lady Quadraphonics Betcha If You Check It Out R Dean Taylor – “Lets Go Somewhere” R Dean Taylor – “There’s A Ghost in my house ” ralph carter love is like an itchin Ralph McDonald-Calypso breakdown Ramsey And Co Love Call Ramsey Lewis – Spring High Rare Pleasure Let Me Down Easy Raymond Smith Seven Day Lover RB Freeman Im shaft (you aint shaft) – (75 ) Reason Why Step In My World Rena Scott – We can make it better Reo Lane – Give me your love Richard Popcorn Wylie-Lost time Rimshots – Do what you feel risky changes- bionic boogie Rita Da Costa Dont Bring Me Down Robbie Lawson Burning Sensation Robert Knight “Love On A Mountain Top” Roberta Kelly – Troublemaker Rock Candy – Alone with no love Rock Candy – Alone with no love ronnie & robyn (exposions c/u) Ronnie McNeir Sitting In My Class ronnie walker – you got to try harder – event Ronnie Walker Magics In The Air Rosalind Clark Night Owl – (74/75) Rose battiste – Hit & run – Revilot. Rosey Jones-Have love will travel Roy Ayers – Running Away Roy Redmond “Ain’t That Terrible” RPM Generation – Rona’s theme Rubin Wilson – Got to get your own Ruby Andrews – (Got To Get Off This) Merry Go Round (ABC) Ruby Andrews – I’ve Got A Bone To Pick With You Ruby Jones You better run – (74) Sam Dees – Fragile Handle With Care Sam Moultrie – I’ll always love you Sam Ward “Sister Lee” Sandra Phillips “World Without Sunshine” Sandra Richardson Stay With Me Sandy Hadley – Since I Found A Love sandy waddy everything is everything Sandys Gang Hungry Santiago – Mr Love Segments of Time – Memories shawne jackson get out of the kitchen Shirelles “Last Minute Miracle” Side Effect – Always there Sidney Barnes I Hurt On The Other Side Silky Hargreaves Keep Lovin Me SILVETTI – SPRING RAIN Sister Sledge- Love Don’t Go Through No Changes With Me Sisters Love – Learning To Trust My Man Skip Mahoney Running Away From Love Skull Snaps I’m Your Pimp Skull Snaps My Hang Up Is You SMITH BROS PAYBACK IS A DRAG Smoked Sugar I Can’t Get Enough20th Century LP softouch -afteryou give your all Sons of Moses – Soul Symphony Soulvation Army Band Dancing On A Daydream South Shore Commission – Free Man – Wand/Scepter Southside Movement Do It To Me Special Delivery This Kind Of Love SPICE “WHAT DO WE MEAN” Spiral Staircase More Today Than Yesterday Spooky And Sue I Got What You Need Spooner & The Spoons – Wish You Didn’t Have To Go – Fame Spread Love Here I Go Stanley Mitchell “Get It Baby” Stanley Woodruff What Took You So Long Starbright – The language of love Steady Wailin Sid steve karman (johnny adams band c/u) Steve Marshall ‘Maintain’ – Reynolds Stevens & Foster ‘I Want To Be Love’ – Jerri Storm – Sweet happiness Stratavarious I Got Your Love Street People ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging When I Hang Up’ Vigor Street People Never Get Enough Stringfield family – Sounds of disco – Arrest Sunlovers “You’ll Never Make The Grade” Sweet Geraldine – Brainstorm Tate – Love shop Tax Free – Love is gone Teddy Pendergrass- The More I get Teddy Pendergrass- you can’t hide temprees – at last – we produce Terrible Tom “We Were Made For Each Other” The Atlanta Disco Band – Bad Luck The Crow Your Autumn Of Tomorrow THE DELRAYS INC DESTINATION UNKNOWN The Embers “Watch Out Girl” The Futures – The way of a woman in love The Ideals Mighty Lover The Inspirations “No One Can Ever Take Your Place” The Lost family Blow my mind – (75) The Malibus “Gee Baby” The Miracles Overture The Newcomers – Keep An Eye On Your Close Friend (Truth) The Newcomers The Whole World Is A Picture Show The Nights Love Knocked You Down The Notations Think Before You Stop The Present – Many’s the slip The Righteous Brothers Band “Rat Race” The Salvadors “Stick By Me Baby” The Sweets “Satisy Me Baby” The Tartans “Nothing But Love” The United Four “She’s Putting You On” the vibrations man overboard THE VOICES OF EAST HARLEM CASHING IN The MVP’s – Turnin my heartbeat up THELMA HOUSTON – DONT LEAVE ME THIS WAY Thelma Houston I Ain’t Going Nowhere Third Dimension-If my heart was an open book Third Point – Spirit Three Pieces ‘I Need You Girl’ – Fantasy Timmy Thomas – Stone To The Bone Timmy Thomas “Whats bothering me” TNJ’S Dont Forget About Me Todays People – SOS Tomangoes I Really Love You Tony Clarke “Landslide” Tony Middleton “Paris Blues” Top shelf No second thoughts (73) Total Eclipse You Took Took A Heart That Was Torn Touch Of Class Just Can’t Say Goodbye Towanda Barnes Youi Don’t Mean It Tower Of Power ‘You Ought To Be Having Fun’ – Columbia Tower Of Power This Time It’s Real Tower Of Power You Ought To Be Havin Fun Tradewinds-Strange Tramps – The Night The Lights Went Out TURN OF THE CENTURY “MONEY CAN’T” twans (vel-vets c/u) Ty Karim Lighten Up Baby Tyrone Davis What Goes Up Dakar Ujima – I’m Not Ready Ultimate Girl Ive Been Trying To Tell You Unique Blend Yes I’m In Love Universal Love Its You Girl Universal Minds Something Fishy Going On Ursula Dudziac – Papaya Van McCoy – Jet setting Van Mccoy – Soul Improvisations Van McCoy Boogie Down Van Mcoy – Party VELVET BET YOU IF YOU ASK AROUND Vernon Burch – Aint gonna tell nobody Vernon Burch – Frame of mind Vessie Simmons ‘I Can Make It On My Own’ – – Simco Vibrations – Man over board Vibrations Shake It Up Virginia Blackly – Let nobody love you Vivian Reed Save Your Love For Me Vivilore Jordan All Work And No Play Wales Wallace Somebody I Know Wales Wallace Whatever You Want Wally Cox – This Man War – Galaxy Warren Schatz Everythings Gonna Be Alright Water & Power ‘Mr Weatherman’ – Fantasy Weapons Of Peace-Just can’t be that way West Coast Revival Its gonna be hard – (73) William Bell ‘Trying To Love Two- Mercury Willie & West Get Away From Me Girl willie hobbs – till i get it right – sound stage 7 Willie Hutch Love Runs Out Willie Hutch ‘Shake It Shake It — Motown Willie J & Co – Boogie with your baby – KIKI Windy City – Hey Its Over (Warner Bros or Innovation) Windy City We Party Up In Yeah World Column “So Is The Sun” Young Holt “California Montage” Yvonne Baker I Can’t Change Zulema – Just Look What You Have Done – RCA




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