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Hi everyone so a few days ago I was searching for “Northern Soul” on google, like you do, and almost every main domain name containing “Northern Soul” had no website, they just went to “parking pages” Northernsoul.com just goes to a page where the owner is trying to sell it for lots of money I would think, so, i thought I would do something about it and create a website that “Northern Soul” deserves, since then it has been a 10 day obsession lol …… so please help me create the content by writing contributions and sharing it to your friends !!!!

We are like the “Pininterest” for Northern Soul,  putting it all in one place, send me a link and we can share it with the world, all excerpts are linked back to the original article and in no way do we claim authorship of the material, it is just there to draw attention to it and send our readers to the original content.

We hope you enjoy our growing content links and original content and come back on a regular basis to see what we and our members have found.

“keep the faith”

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