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The Tams ‎- 1969 – A Portrait Of The Tams

More beautiful soul from one of the best (and most overlooked) groups of the 60’s! The Tams sing in a unique raw harmony style that mixes southern and northern influences, and their records (like this one) are filled with great material that was written for…

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Ray Charles Live In Concert to be Re-issued by Concord Music Group

In the half-century between his earliest recordings in the 1950s and his death in 2004, Ray Charles ascended to icon status by leaving his mark on virtually every form of American popular music that emerged in the latter half of the 20th century. Nowhere was this more evident than in his live performances, where one […]

Lauterbach’s Chitlin’ Circuit History Deserves Great Praise & a Wider Audience

Preston Lauterbach is a friend of mine — going back to my days in Memphis. Great guy, he is. And he knows a thing or two about music — and good eats. I was pretty impressed when he first mentioned that he was undertaking this project. It’s a big topic. But also a topic that […]

Sandra Wright – 1974 – Wounded Woman

Kept in the vaults for 15 years due to Stax Records going bankrupt at the time of its intended release, Sandra Wright’s 1974 album ‘Wounded Woman’ is one of those perfect hybrids the much-troubled label was putting out in its last years: Southern Soul with…

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Ruby Turner 2017 Interview

On the occasion of her recent much-deserved induction into The SoulMusic Hall of Fame by public vote and the new release of the sumptuous SoulMusic Records’ 2-CD anthology, “Livin’ A Life Of Love” (compiled by Justin Kantor), UK black music pioneer Ruby Turner spoke with David Nathan just before embarking on a UK tour with …

“The Best Album Otis Redding Never Made”

I have always loved the voice of Otis Redding. Who doesn’t, right? So much soul and feeling. So raspy and unique. More of a song stylist than a true singer. He could scream and shout with the best of ’em, but his talents were perhaps best on display when he performed a slower ballad. That […]

Judy Cheeks – 1978 – Please Give Me This Night

Judy Cheeks’ Ariola album was sadly overlooked in 1978 despite including the hit single Mellow Lovin’ from the year before. Yet the album is full of beautiful, melodic tunes, Judy’s singing is not far from that of Randy Crawford. Highly recommended. Tracks A1 The Little Girl in Me…

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Bobby Lyle – 1977 – The Genie

 A holy grail of soul funk jazz, incredible vibes, rhythms, a record you must have in your collection. Keyboard wizard Bobby Lyle’s Classic Jazz funk album from 1977, includes the brilliant inventive title track ‘The Genie’ an all time classic, that goes through many changes but…

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